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How do you integrate Yesplan with other systems?

Yesplan is a powerful and versatile event planning tool. But it’s even better in conjunction with other software. Ticketing, finance or narrowcasting systems, all serve a distinct purpose in the toolkit of the event planner. Integrating these systems with each other elevates your event planning to new heights. Learn all there is to know about Yesplan and its integrations.

Can Yesplan integrate with other systems?

Absolutely! Yesplan excels at integrating with other systems, thanks to its robust API (Application Programming Interface). The API allows different systems to communicate with each other. Because of this our data is easily accessible, with a two- or one-way street connection between systems.

Many ticketing systems are already integrated with Yesplan. Some are in development. Are you a software developer looking to integrate Yesplan with ticketing software? We’ve got you covered with our generic ticketing API.

What are the benefits of integrations?

One of the biggest benefits of using integrations is that you don’t need to enter your data two or three times on different systems. Thanks to the synchronisation between systems, updates made in one platform automatically reflect across others. This helps you make less mistakes and is an undeniable time-saver. 

Moreover, this connectivity gives you peace of mind. Imagine, for example, that there was a last-minute change for an upcoming show. You can rest assured that a single update of your system will be enough to cover all grounds

What are the most common integrations used with Yesplan?

The most common integrations are ticketing and website systems

Some ticketing integrations allow you to directly publish upcoming events from Yesplan into your ticketing system and vice versa. This is because most ticketing integrations are a two-way street, which allows you to write event information to the ticketing system. Yesplan can then retrieve ticket information like sold, reserved and revenue.

Here are some examples of ticketing systems that integrate with Yesplan: 

  • Ticketmatic 
  • Tixly 
  • Eventim 
  • ActiveTickets 
  • Itix 
  • Universe
Integrations with finance systems allow financial data to flow from Yesplan into accounting overviews and manage invoices. Generate invoices in no time based on the pricing arrangements prepared in Yesplan. 

Her are some examples of finance integrations:

  • AFAS Profit 
  • Cipal/Mercurius 
  • CEVI/Logins 
  • Alfa/Schaubroeck
Furthermore there are integrations for narrowcasting, which allows venues to send event information to screens, so you can showcase the availability of a meeting room for example. We also currently have integrations with two CMS systems: AFAS Profit and Themis CMS. 

One particular integration worth mentioning is an integration with your HVAC system. This gives you the opportunity to optimise your heating and to save on costs. It can also be an excellent tool to reduce a venue's ecological footprint and might be a necessity for subsidies and eco-labels. 

Discover how this Belgian venue reduced costs and their ecological impact with a heating system integration. This integration is currently not being offered by any of our partners, but can be built by using our API.

What about Yesplan’s Excel Add-In? 

With the Excel Add-In, Yesplan has developed a module to create an even greater event planning experience. This is highly recommended, if you want to expand upon the world of Yesplan. 

Our Excel Add-In helps build a bridge between Yesplan and Excel. Furthermore this tool pairs well with a ticketing system, because it allows you to run further calculations on your ticketing data. Thanks to this Add-In, people with Excel skills can build integrations without the help of developers.

Missing an integration?

If the integration you need doesn’t exist yet, reach out to us. New ticketing integrations are regularly being developed

Alternatively, our API allows you or third party developers to build your own integrations.

Questions about integrations? 

If you have a question about an integration, you can contact our support team (, the support of your ticketing or finance system or the third party developer of the integration. 

If a question arises, we are ready and eager to help you find the solution together!

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