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Frequently Asked Questions

About Yesplan

Yes, you can work anytime and from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.

Yesplan is a web-based app that is compatible with desktop versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari on both Windows and macOS.

Yesplan license and pricing

We offer Yesplan on an enterprise license model. This means customers have one license for their whole organisation and not per user. You can create as many users/logins as you need at no extra cost. The price of a Yesplan license depends on the size of your venue, which we measure using a combination of variables, for example the number of events and venue size.
Contact for a detailed price indication based on your venue’s needs.

The license fee includes support, software updates, hosting and backups on our servers. Because Yesplan is offered as an enterprise model, you can create as many users as you need with no extra costs.

We provide an online support service which is available during office hours.

For urgent problems we offer 24/7 telephone support.

Yesplan offers a full online manual and a learning platform, packed with useful videos and exercises to bring new users on-board. 

Our manual is available in English, Dutch and French.

GDPR and servers

Yes, Yesplan processes personal data in compliance with GDPR regulations. 

A processor agreement is part of our license agreement.

All our servers are based in the EU. 

We host Yesplan at a ISO27001 certified hosting provider. 

Implementation of Yesplan

Yes, you can import contacts, resources and your existing event planning with our built in importing tool.

We believe the success of Yespan for your organisation depends strongly on the quality of the implementation. We want to give you the support you need, so you get the most value out of the system. A dedicated Customer Success Manager will help your organisation configure Yesplan and train your staff. To support the implementation period we make use of online learning modules. 

The implementation period takes on average between 2 to 6 months.


Yes, Yesplan provides customers and third-party developers with an API to build integrations. 

Integrations have been created with many different systems: ticketing, websites / CMS, financial systems, narrowcasting, staff planning and heating and ventilation to name a few. 

Please ask our staff if we can integrate with your system of choice via

Languages and regions

Yesplan system fields are available in English, French and Dutch. 

You can create your own configuration in the language you like. We have templates available in German, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

We would love to make it happen! Please contact