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About Us

About Us

As a company, we rely on certain pillars while striving for a common goal. We consider it very important to be transparent about what we stand for and how we see our future. Read on and find out who we are and what we stand for.

Company Culture

These are the most important principles on which we rely. We are:

  • Quality oriented; 
  • Customer oriented;
  • Committed to employee well-being;
  • In favour of open and honest communication.

Our mission

What do we do and for whom?

We create software as a service to run cultural events of organizations flawlessly. 

We bring the best system in its category and integrate with others outside our area of expertise. We do this in a result-oriented manner that leads to value creation for all parties. 

Our vision

What do we want to achieve? 

We are an international market leader that focuses on organizational control, planning and managing events at cultural centres.

Our history

Yesplan came about through a collaboration between the arts centre Vooruit and 3 Professors from the University of Brussels computing department. The development of the system was in direct response to the Vooruit having identified a need for a system that would centralize and simplify all communications and workflows around the planning and production of cultural and commercial events. 

Yesplan was designed so that it could be used by any cultural organization and not just the Vooruit so that when other organizations were interested in using it, they were able to spin it off in a separate company from the arts centre. Today more than 300 venues across Western-Europe and the UK are using Yesplan as their central event management system. 

Yesplan employs a total of 25 staff, with offices in Ghent, London and Den Hague. Mostly working remotely and covering 14 countries

The approach to developing Yesplan right from the start was for planners and computer experts to come together to make sure that the need was being fulfilled with the best possible state-of-the-art solution with a highly intuitive user interface. 


    • 2009: First line of code was written bij Andy Kellens on a train journey 
    • 2010: First prototype ready for use at Vooruit 
    • 2011: Founding of 2Rivers NV, the parental company, first 10 customers, first integrations with ticketing and website systems 
    • 2012: Expansion to The Netherlands, founding of Yesplan NL BV 
    • 2013: Launch of Yesplan Teamplanner 
    • 2014: Launch of the Yesplan Availability Tool 
    • 2015: Launch of Contract Rules (Teamplanner) 
    • 2016: Expansion to French speaking regions 
    • 2017: Expansion to the UK, founding of Yesplan UK LTD 
    • 2018: Expansion to Norway, Denmark, launch of Yesplan Dataviews 
    • 2020: Expansion to Iceland, Sweden, launch of the Yesplan App 

Want to meet our team, the people that share and validate our culture? Find them here! If you are interested in becoming part of our team we suggest you have a look at our job page, maybe there is something just for you! 

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