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The must-have integration for venues who sell tickets

Integrations allow you to link your Yesplan installation to your website, digital signage, financial systems and ticketing systems. In this blog, we take a closer look at the integration with a ticketing system and the many benefits you and your team can gain from it.

What is a ticketing integration?

When you are ready to sell your tickets, your Yesplan installation will send certain data (such as date, time and location) to your ticketing system. Without an integration, box office staff would have to manually transfer this data into the ticketing system, but this way of working is too time-consuming and increases the risk of errors. Imagine accidentally selling tickets for the wrong date!

A ticketing integration prevents these errors with one simple click. Thanks to this integration, box office staff no longer need to transfer data manually as there is a general exchange between Yesplan and the ticketing system. This means that human error is eliminated from this process.

Yesplan works with ticketing systems such as Ticketmatic, Tix Ticketing, Monad Ticketing and Eventim

What does an integration look like in Yesplan?

Yesplan sends the date, time and location of your event to the ticketing system. This is a live connection, so any changes in Yesplan are synchronised. 

Yesplan then receives the number of tickets sold and their revenues from the ticketing system. All box office sales figures are automatically updated, giving you a complete overview of how your event's sales are doing. 

The top 3 benefits of a ticketing integration 

  1. Double input of event data is no longer necessary: You save time and make fewer mistakes
  2. The data that Yesplan receives back allows different stakeholders in your organisation, who work with the number of visitors and the turnover of the ticketing sales, to do their jobs faster and more accurately. 
  3. A flow of general data exchange between Yesplan and the ticketing system allows everyone in your organisation to have access to the ticketing data.   

Chris, one of our Customer Success Managers, is also a big fan! 

Why is ticketing my favourite integration? Mainly because of the data Yesplan gets back from it, as this information is a huge help in event planning. Thanks to the ticketing integration, you have a clear view on two tracks. On the one hand, the number of tickets sold and, on the other hand, the amount of money earned. 

This is very important because not everyone in the organisation has access to the ticketing system, but everyone does have access to Yesplan. All venue staff can therefore see, for example, which show is on tonight or next week and how many visitors they can expect. This way, Yesplan offers invaluable information for many employees involved. 

Ticketing integration: a huge impact, but what does it mean for your team?

Many members of your venue staff benefit from the continuous data exchange between Yesplan and your ticketing system. The ticketing sales figures are actually of interest for everyone: 

  • A Programmer makes an estimation of the potential ticket sales. Thanks to the ticketing integration, he can check live whether the show is selling as expected. 

  • The Production Manager can check whether the show is sold out or not. The ticketing integration provides an accurate insight into the number of visitors. The production manager can therefore estimate in advance whether extra space or an extra show may be required. 

  • For Technicians it is good to know if problems might arise, such as space for the sound mixer, and how many seats they will need to take out. This is all valuable information that can be found in the ticketing system. 

  • Finally, Marketing will anticipate the forecasts of the programmer and the production manager. The goal is that they meet those predictions and they can only be 100% sure based on the number of tickets sold. When the ticketing system shows that fewer tickets have been sold than expected, Marketing knows that extra effort and time is needed to boost sales. 

Last but not least: Settlement

The last step gives you an insight into how things stack up after the show. You can make the final calculations here and determine who gets what share. In Yesplan, a contract agreement has been laid down. So you know the revenue that’s been generated and what you are left with at the end of the line. That means you know what invoice to expect and what profit you will make from the show. 

Want to know more about ticketing integrations?

We teamed up with Tixly to show you the perfect flow of a ticketed event! Watch the recording below and get a hands-on example of what a ticketing integration looks like. 

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