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UCL Culture improves collaboration across its venues with Yesplan

UCL Culture is a multi-venue complex with a theatre and several museums across their campus. With Yesplan in place, they can keep tabs on what’s happening where, and what everyone is doing. Better collaboration guaranteed!

Meet UCL Culture and Ellen Frost 

“UCL is the second largest university in the UK and the 8th best in the world. It’s an amazing university and we offer a lot of extracurricular activities. Not only to attract students, but also because we want to encourage the idea that you can be scientifically minded and still enjoy the arts. And that’s exactly what UCL Culture is all about! UCL Culture comprises Bloomsbury Theatre (a 500-seat theatre) and some amazing museums.” 

“My job is to look after the diary of all those spaces to ensure that students have access. It’s also balanced with a commercial aspect, as we hire them out too.” 

Before vs. After 

Venues that start working with Yesplan often experience a big difference in how their operations were before compared to after. Ellen confirms this: 

“We’re quite a big team and we are working on exciting events, but often we didn’t know what was going on. A lot of the information was spread over people’s Outlook Calendars, so it was really difficult for us to work out what was happening in the museums for example. That also resulted in us having big gaps in knowledge about the shows. With Yesplan in place now, we have everything in one place and everyone can see what’s going on. Not only is it easier to collaborate, we are now more accurate and we can ensure consistency as well.” 

Yesplan's 3 biggest strengths

  1. It makes for a very slick system once you know what you need to get out of it.
  2. The general overview - I think it’s brilliant that you can very easily look at 12 venues at the same time and then just as quickly narrow it down to one. Our museums and theatre are very spread out and it’s a way for us to see a snapshot of what everyone’s doing and what’s happening.
  3. The Yesplan team is always up for trying something new, which is very helpful. I know most companies would be like: “here are various templates, you must use the closest one to whatever you require”. But you guys are up for trying and developing something new.

The workflow of drawing up a contract has never been easier 

Yesplan's track record shows that venues are able to drastically improve their workflows using our software. This seems to be the case for UCL Culture as well: 

“We’ve built contracts that we’ve been using for the past couple of months. We're really happy with it, because the contract is all just there. You can be on the phone with someone and then you can just put those notes in straight away. It’s that confidence of knowing that you’re not wasting your time and that you’re putting in information that goes on the contract. It kind of prompts you to ask contract related questions from the start as well. I think it's one of the best things about it."  

“The Yesplan team is always up for trying something new, which is very helpful. I know most companies would be like: “here are various templates, you must use the closest one to whatever you require”. But you are keen for developing something new.”

10/10 would recommend 

Ellen ends with a positive note and looks forward to what's to come with Yesplan: 

“Our next steps are to try and make a financial settlement document and a separate contract for some of our venues, so exciting things ahead with Yesplan! And if anyone were to approach me and ask more info about Yesplan? I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who has multiple spaces. I would tell them that it’s a flexible system and that the Yesplan team is always up for trying something new.”  

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