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How do you implement Yesplan?

So, you have decided to get on board with Yesplan. Next stop: the implementation! But how exactly do you implement Yesplan? We’re here to guide you through your first steps into the wonderful world of event planning software.

How do you prepare for implementing an event planning tool like Yesplan?

During the implementation, we will help you set up Yesplan to suit your preferred way of working. 

  1. Most organisations rely on Excel spreadsheets and Google Drive for planning. These are both a good starting point to make an inventory of all the data you want to move to Yesplan. 
  2. This can include reports or other documents you use for your daily planning needs. We also have template installations ready to expedite this process. 
  3. Getting an event planning system is an opportunity to rethink internal structures and workflows
  4. Are you unsure how to approach a new workflow? Our Customer Success Team has a lot of experience with this and is more than happy to help you evaluate the best way of working

Take the time to inform everyone in your organisation about the journey into Yesplan. Open communication and involvement in the project will lead to an easy transition for everyone.

Who should be involved from your organisation?

For a smooth implementation, appoint two to four people to lead the project on your side. It’s also important to note that these people best hold different positions. This helps in setting up Yesplan for all departments it will be used by. 

But if the training happens with just a couple of people… how do you get this information to the rest of the team? We uphold a ‘train-the-trainer’ approach, where you will pass this knowledge to the rest of your organisation. Additionally, we offer comprehensive training videos and a resourceful manual to assist you in educating your team. 

How long does it take to implement Yesplan?

This really differs from organisation to organisation. The duration depends on the size of the organisation, the number of employees, how many events are taking place; it all boils down to the complexity of the venue. An implementation can go as fast as the amount of time and energy you want to invest into it.

  • On average an implementation spans two to three months 
  • Implementation time is based on the complexity of your venue 
  • Time also depends on your wishes (extra integrations/modules - like our Excel Add-In or Teamplanner)
  • Training sessions scheduled weekly/bi-weekly/monthly 
  • Between every session you will independently work on refining your Yesplan installation

Can I import external data (from other systems) into Yesplan?

It is definitely possible to import data into Yesplan. Choosing to use our event planning software does not mean you're losing precious data in the process. 

We support importing:

  • Event data 
  • Contact information
  • All kinds of resources

What kind of support can you expect once the implementation is finished?

Once you’re comfortable using Yesplan on your own, the implementation phase is finished. However, our Support Team remains at your disposal for any questions or concerns

We take pride in providing a stellar service. If a complex matter arises, we may arrange one-on-one sessions to address it together.

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