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5 ways the Excel Add-in will unlock your business data

Discover the benefits of the Yesplan Excel Add-in! Here are 5 reasons why this powerful new feature will save you and your venue time and money. 


Discover the Excel Add-in

The Excel Add-in is a feature that creates a connection between Yesplan and Excel. The biggest advantage? It allows you to update, make calculations and visualise your data.

Gaël, one of our Customer Success Managers, tells you everything you need to know in this quick video intro to the Excel Add-in.

1. Live connection: Save time & reduce errors

First, it’s a major time-saver as you don’t have to jump back and forth between Yesplan and Excel. You can view and update your data on both platforms with just a single click.

Besides saving time, you also make fewer mistakes since you no longer have to transfer the data manually. 

Connecting the dots between your data will help you and your team make better decisions.

2. Run calculations on your Yesplan data 

Yesplan contains a wealth of information on all your events. Dataviews are used to connect this data to the Excel Add-in. This allows you to create tables with all sorts of data on events, resources, contacts and more.

As Excel is such a powerful calculator, you can run calculations on your Yesplan data. This way, you can get an overview of your venue's financial health in no time

For example, you can use formulas to easily calculate the break even point of your upcoming events.

Use the powerful potential of Excel to unlock the wide array of possibilities of the Add-in. As your Excel skills grow, the software offers many solutions to explore and master.

3. Quickly visualise and compare your data

Do you also find a visual representation much more practical than a series of tables with information?

With the Excel Add-in, you can easily create charts and graphs to quickly visualise and compare your data. 

Get a clear overview of your entire season in one glance and take control of your finances.

4. Report to your team with ease

Easily combine live data, calculations and visualisations to create compelling reports. Share them with your colleagues to allow them to continuously make data-driven decisions

For example: Let’s say your actual revenue is lower than the predicted revenue of a show. Your Marketing team will know ahead of time when to put in extra effort to promote that show and meet the sales predictions.  

5. Set up your Excel Add-in in less than an hour

Setting up the Excel add-in takes just about an hour and then you’re ready to go! Our Customer Success Team will guide you step-by-step. 

If you’re a Yesplan user, you can request the set-up at

Don’t have Yesplan yet? Say no more.

Yesplan is a powerful venue management solution that delivers a wide array of features to simplify your event management operations. 

You and your team can be assured that your events are managed with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.