Discover Yesplan's magic in 25 minutes! 

How you can get started with the Yesplan App

Our App is now up and running! But what does that mean for you as a Yesplan user? Here are some examples of how you can use the app.

Discover how to get access to the Yesplan App 

You don't have to download the App. Just browse to your Yesplan installation (via the usual URL) on your mobile phone, and click on "Sign in App". That's it! 

Would you rather not use the browser to navigate to the Yesplan App every time? Then you can also install the app as an app on your smartphone or on the desktop of your computer. Check out this blog post on how that works.  

Check the schedule on the spot 

You're overlooking the sound check when one of the band members asks you when they can eat. You pull out your smartphone, select the event and can immediately consult the schedule. This way, you can give the artist the necessary information without having to run to your computer or print out all the information. 

Find contact details in the blink of an eye 

As a standby employee, you keep an eye on things during the rental of one of your venues. A guest at the event approaches you and they appear to have an urgent question for the organiser. Using the Yesplan App, you can find the organiser's number on the 'Production' tab and immediately click on it to call the organiser.  

Check live what resources are needed 

As a hospitality worker, you want to know what to prepare for the various meetings and workshops that will take place today. Whereas previously everything was printed out and hung up in the kitchen, you can now find this information live in the app. So, now you simply take your tablet and look at the tabs 'Catering' and 'Resources' for the different activities of the day. You can get straight to work, putting the coffee and soft drinks in the proper areas.  

Download technical riders directly onto your smartphone 

You are a lighting technician and want to take a look at the technical aspects of an event beforehand. The technical rider can be found on the inspector and can be accessed directly from the Yesplan App. You can immediately click through and get the necessary information on the venue set-up on the 'Technique' tab.