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4 Tips: Planning the next cultural season

Let's take a moment to reflect on a rewarding and captivating cultural season. Your events have triumphed, the curtains have gracefully descended and the last drinks were savored. While your audience has left, planning the next cultural season is vital. Seize the opportunity to optimise your installation with efficiency.

Actualise your events with dataviews 

Every event in Yesplan gets assigned a status to indicate in what stage of the event planning process it resides. Close your cultural season by assigning statuses (“Closed” or “Finished”) as a final stage to your events. Stay on top of your performance - automatically view all your events’ statuses with the dataviews feature. 

Tip: Learn how to create dataviews, include valuable columns such as event names and person in charge and actualise the statuses of your events effectively here.

Revise your event planning strategy

Establish transparency by sharing vital information with your team or management. From visitor numbers, target audiences, renters and other data in Yesplan, easily share the overviews to ensure each member takes timely and informed decisions. Succeed in curating a balanced and varied program aligned with your events. Now is the chance to begin planning for the next cultural season while reviewing (and improving) your approach and strategy.

Tip: Make clear and concise reports of your events with dataviews and enhance your reporting capabilities by connecting them to Excel Add-In.

Planning the next cultural season

As the current season approaches its final stages, it becomes crucial to shift your focus towards planning the next cultural season. The summer often means a quieter period for many cultural venues. Take a breather and use this opportunity to review your current Yesplan-configuration.

Here is where you can start:

  1. Evaluate if all necessary event information can still be entered effectively in your existing custom data fields.
  2. Consider any new activity types planned for September and assess if they require adjustments to your current workflow.
  3. Verify if Yesplan is equipped to seamlessly support the new workflow requirements, ensuring a smooth transition for the upcoming season.
Tip: Adapt or hide unused data fields to better align with your needs. You can always make new ones if needed.

Streamline communication with reports

Are you leveraging reports to effectively share information within your organisation or with external stakeholders? Maybe you're seeking deeper insights through more comprehensive reports. With those reports, you can for example successfully start your next season with an actualised and convenient production sheet. 

Tip: Harness the power of Yesplan reports to streamline information sharing. Increase your venue’s efficiency - learn more about getting the most out of reporting.

More Yesplan knowhow?

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