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The triumphant return of The Other Palace to Yesplan

The Other Palace is a venue that lives and breathes musicals. Focusing mainly on new(er) and original productions, this London-based venue prides itself on taking the musical scene in a fresh direction. A few years ago, The Other Palace decided to explore other venue management solutions. Today, Kiki Stevenson (Programmer), shares her excitement about their triumphant return to Yesplan.

A musical powerhouse hits uncertain times

Five years after its opening in 2012 as St. James Theatre, the venue was purchased by famous musical composer Andrew Lloyd Webber. With the acquisition, he rebranded and renamed the venue to ‘The Other Palace’, with the main focus on musicals

A change in management often also means a rush to shift gears, be it hiring new staff or trying out new tools. Unfortunately, this period also marked a change-over from Yesplan to another venue management system.

While helping the venue transition, Kiki found herself in a difficult position. Not only did the transition to the new system require significant time and effort to transfer all the necessary information, but just as things were falling into place, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. 

The venue faced uncertain times until late 2021, when The Other Palace was not only sold to Bill Kenwright, but also reopened its doors to the public

Yesplan is back on the menu

This new chapter of The Other Palace also included a return to Kiki’s beloved planning software: Yesplan. “The previous system lacked the clear overview that I got with Yesplan. As a programmer, having a clear view of the entire season is vital for informed decision-making. I’m a visual person, so accessibility and readability mean a lot to me,” Kiki says.

Now, on the cusp of summer, The Other Palace is in full swing again. The award-winning musical Heathers has been running non-stop since 2022. In addition to other productions, the venue also provides initiative programs to support and develop new musicals, and is currently launching a podcast series.

An unmatched customer support experience

Besides being a big fan of the visual outlook and the user-friendly interface of Yesplan, Kiki also praises our Support Team. “The team at Yesplan is always friendly and helpful. Whenever I need assistance or have an emergency, I can simply pick up the phone or send an email and know that I will get a quick response.

This personal touch also translates to the product, as it is has various customization possibilities. This feature allows me to think and operate outside the box and personalize the system to the needs of the event," Kiki adds. 

Eager for more Yesplan?

Whether you’re accustomed to working with a venue management system or treading new ground: Yesplan is here to give you peace of mind. Check our agenda for upcoming events or get in touch with us.