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Chateau Neuf reduced event planning workload with Yesplan

Chateau Neuf, home of the Norwegian Student Society, said goodbye to its outdated event planning system and has implemented Yesplan, a centralised event planning software.

Sneak peek: This easy-to-use solution has enabled student volunteers to book events themselves and has dramatically reduced the workload of the administrators. Let’s look into what else Yesplan changed for Chateau Neuf. 

11 Locations and 4 Bars Powered by Yesplan

Chateau Neuf hosts events at eleven different locations, four bars, multiple meeting rooms, and many student volunteers across Oslo. 

With such a bustling hub of activity, it's no wonder that a centralised event planning software was a must-have for the venue. Chateau Neuf has everything from organizing unforgettable concerts and engaging workshops to brewing delicious beer in the basement. 

Taking us on a tour of this vibrant and dynamic location is Bjørn Ola Opsahl, the technical director. 

Half as many meetings and reduced workload

Chateau Neuf faced a major obstacle with its old event planning system - it was outdated and inaccessible. 

Bjørn remembers, “We couldn’t fix any problem without going to the system administrators. The amount of information we could store was also minimal. 

With Yesplan, we have complete independence. Need to create an event? It’s there instantly. All the information is stored in one place. Yesplan, as a centralised event planning software, greatly reduced our workload. We went from a weekly production meeting to a bi-weekly meeting. 

Additionally, student volunteers can book events themselves in Yesplan, another significant advantage of the system.”

Implementing Yesplan and rethinking event planning

Implementing a new event planning software can seem a heavy task for venues, but with Yesplan, it's an opportunity to rethink and improve their organization

Bjørn notes, “We made a lot of great changes with Yesplan. And the best thing is: we can keep changing things along the way. The Customer Success team was also great in guiding us through this process.” 

Double bookings became a thing of the past.

Bjørn quickly remembered various crisis cases when he identified his favorite features. 

“We let everyone just book events in Yesplan, and whenever a conflict pops up, we talk to the students to see how we can fix it. There’s also one special case: we have two rooms in the cellar, with a badly constructed thin wall between them. When they both get booked, we also get a notification. If, for example, a piano recital and a punk show went on simultaneously, it would cause problems.” says Bjørn.

Another cherished aspect is the amount of data Chateau Neuf can pull from Yesplan. 

“Whenever we want to organise an event and need funding from the University of Oslo, we can quickly give them all the necessary information. Having this overview is amazing, and Yesplan has been a game changer for us.”

Onboarding New Staff Members - a breeze

After the successful implementation process, everyone at Chateau Neuf was really eager to start using Yesplan. They no longer had to work with information stored in inaccessible personal Google Drives and other hard-to-reach places. 

“People knew we needed something new for a long time. The first discussions started in 2016. We have a lot of volunteers that rotate in and out of the organisation. With Yesplan, we can quickly teach them how to do simple things. With the previous system, this proved much more difficult. We also recently created a step-by-step guide for new volunteers to show them how to create an event.” Bjørn explains.

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