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A summary of our 'Interesting Reads and Talks on Foolproof Planning' series

We've been releasing content according to our 'Interesting Reads and Talks on Foolproof Planning' series. In it we deal mainly with covid-related issues. This has now come to an end and that is why we summarised all the blogposts, video's, insights, Ebook, panel discussion,... Who doesn't like a good overview? Enjoy the read!

1. Words of introduction by our CEO

First of all Wouter Vermeylen, our CEO, tells you what the series will be all about in a short video.

2. Mythes about venue management software

Many cultural venues are already using venue management software, but not all of them. We often hear of preconceptions about this kind of software, so we thought we would fact check and give our view.

Do you think such a kind of software is too expensive for you, you're too small to use it, there is none that really suits your needs, ... ? Well then you're totally wrong! 

3. Tackle five critical problems with Yesplan 

The economic impact of Covid-19 on our industry is significant. Therefore, Yesplan offers a solution to five critical problems that you have to cope with during this crisis:

4. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and other inadequate systems

We believe cultural venues need a solution designed specifically for their needs. Venue management and planning is a complex job, with many people using systems to manage various parts of the process. Many systems, however, were not created for the cultural sector specifically. 

Think about spreadsheets, pen and paper, calendar software, task management tools, ... They are not the best option but yet they are often used in venue and event planning. We talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using them.

5. Seven European venues share their experiences and challenges

We asked some of our clients across Europe about their planning experiences in general and their experiences with the Covid-19 lockdown and restrictions specifically. Watch the video from Natasha, Ibsenhuset.

6. Ebook - Eight ways to improve your venue management planning

If you want to improve your venue management planning but you don't really know where to start and which steps to take next, you should read the Ebook we wrote!

7. Panel Discussion On the Role of Technology Providers in Reopening and Reimagining Venues

We hosted an interactive panel with leaders from the technology providers to the cultural sector. We tackled a range of issues affecting venues and organisations and talked about their role in reopening and reimagining venues. 

The panel was:

  • Einar Sævarsson, CEO of Activity Stream (Iceland) 
  • Rachael Easton, Director of European Business Development at Tessitura Network (UK) 
  • Wouter Vermeylen, Managing Director of Yesplan (Belgium)

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