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Virtual Panel Discussion About the Role of Technology Providers in Reopening & Reimagining Venues

We hosted a panel discussion about the role of technology providers in reopening & reimagining venues. Were you unable to attend our virtual event? No worries. Through our on-demand webinar you will not miss anything of it.

On demand

The Role of Technology Providers in Reopening & Reimagining Venues  

The panel were:

  • Einar Sævarsson, CEO of Activity Stream (Iceland) 
  • Ellie Griffiths, Business Development Manager at Tessitura Network (UK) 
  • Wouter Vermeylen, Managing Director of Yesplan (Belgium)

Key areas for discussion were how their solutions have been able to add or amend functionality and other tools to meet the needs of changing events, social distancing and track & trace tools, along with how they have supported their clients' obvious financial strains in the past eight months. 

Audience members had the chance to raise their questions and those certainly came in. 

If you're curious about how  different countries and technologies have or are overcoming these issues, this webinar is for you! Watch it here.