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Tackle 5 critical problems with Yesplan

COVID-19 feels like being stuck in our worst nightmare, doesn’t it? The global events industry has been hit hard by the crisis. Our sector has been forced to curtail or eliminate all activities, and the economic impact on our industry is significant: we are talking about 26 million jobs globally and 1,4 trillion euro in direct spending. (, 2020)

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We need to help each other as much as possible in order to survive and recover from this pandemic. Yesplan has your back! That’s right, we offer a solution to five critical problems that you have to cope with during this crisis:

1. Working remotely

Many of us are obliged to work from home. Suddenly everybody is using videoconferencing tools like never before and the discussion on long daily commutes is wide open. As far as we can tell, remote work is here to stay. Meaning it’s critical your team can work from anywhere needed. 

Yesplan is a cloud-based web application and simply works in your browser. No hassle!

2. Online collaboration

Yesplan understands that collaboration and communication are key in our business. That’s why Yesplan offers you as many logins as you need. On the one hand, you can share event information with your colleagues; on the other hand, you can opt to keep specific event information private by means of permissions. In other words, you can easily work together with all your colleagues in one online system!

3. Financial support

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to watch over your (artistic) budgets and sources of income. Especially as the latter can change rapidly with new measures from the government that could change the maximum capacity! 

Yesplan offers you a quick way to (re)calculate revenue forecasts to stay on top of things! This way you know exactly what to expect.

4. Postponing & cancelling events

We hope business will go back to normal soon, but it will probably take some time. And although everyone is eager to put something on stage, cancelling or postponing events will keep on happening. Luckily, it’s easy to postpone or cancel events in Yesplan by dragging and dropping. You can even tag your events and run reports that quantify the impact for your subsidies. The icing on the cake? You can calculate the financial impact of your cancellations. 

5. Corona-proof deals & contracts

In Yesplan, you can easily create, edit and store your artist agreements. Our flexible system allows adding new types of agreements that arise in time of a crisis. So no matter how creative you get while splitting costs and income, Yesplan has your back!

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