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Get insights about the experiences and challenges from three European venues

All venues are experienced in a certain way and they all had to face the Covid-19 lockdown and restrictions. That's why we interviewed some of our clients across Europe. There is something to learn from each story if you truly listen to each other. It's good for us to understand how venues are facing up to the challenges and we're grateful to them for letting us share this with you.

These videos  are part of our 'inspiring reads and talks on foolproof planning'. 
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Matthew, general manager from the UK

Matthew is General Manager at the Regent Centre in the United Kingdom. He talks about the challenges they face as a multidisciplinary venue, his tips on re-opening a venue and how Yesplan supported their diverse team. 

“We have to remind our audiences that it's okay to come to the theatre or cinema and to just escape and feel safe doing that.”

Klaas Tops, Dutch production manager.

Klaas works for Theater Artemis as a Production Manager. This Dutch theatre makes productions for children and youth. Klaas will share with you their biggest challenge, why their growing organisation needed adaptations and how the cloud-based functionality of Yesplan came in very handy lately.

“We needed a central place for all our information so we had to replace our spreadsheets by one system, preferably online.”

Jonas, Danish head of production

Jonas is Head of Production at Musikhuset Aarhus in Denmark. He tells us about their challenges of managing a venue in an efficient way, why they started using Yesplan and how it ended up helping them during this pandemic.

“We made a form in Yesplan so that everybody could see the corona status of a given event in a dataview. This is used by both security, production, booking, administration and ticketing.”

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