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Yesplan and Tessitura team up

Yesplan and Tessitura team up

We love nothing more than teaming up with like-minded organisations. Facilitating the creation of unforgettable events is at the heart of what Yesplan and Tessitura do. Discover why integrating Yesplan with Tessitura is a no-brainer for event professionals.

Putting Yesplan and Tessitura together

With Yesplan’s two-way event sync with Tessitura, you can easily streamline your event management and ticketing process.

The two-way event sync means that Yesplan will send the date, time and location of your events to your Tessitura platform. Any changes you make in Yesplan are instantly reflected in Tessitura, keeping your team in the loop. Events created in Yesplan appear as drafts in Tessitura, and any timing updates flow smoothly between the two systems.

Additionally, your up-to-date ticket sales and revenue data will flow from Tessitura to Yesplan, giving you a complete overview of event performance and automating event settlement

With Yesplan and Tessitura working together, you get a complete overview and effortless event and ticketing management, so you can focus on making your events unforgettable. Would you like to know what this integration looks like? Walk through this interactive demo to see the Yesplan Tessitura integration in-action.

Streamline your event planning with Yesplan’s tailored solutions for the cultural industry

Yesplan is centralised event planning software tailored for the cultural sector. We offer everything from resource management, event scheduling and staff management all the way to excellent reporting and budgeting tools. Thanks to our API we are also able to easily integrate with other systems, like Tessitura. With Yesplan you can: 

  • Avoid double booking your locations and resources.
  • Keep track of employees, budget and updates with ease.
  • Book what you need and charge by the item, per hour, day, show etc.
  • Make quotations based on the number of planned resources, their schedules, prices and discounts.
  • And so much more!

“Yesplan brought clarity and precision to our event planning at Workhouse Art Center, making it easier to manage our unique spaces and large-scale events. Its intuitive interface and conflict detection feature save us time and prevent double bookings, making it an indispensable tool for any cultural organisation. With Yesplan, we confidently plan for a future of growth and innovation.”

- The Workhouse Arts Center

Take control of your data with Yesplan and Tessitura 

You and your team have a lot to gain from integrating your venue management and ticketing system. The Yesplan and Tessitura integration works in 2 directions, so you can get the most out of it. Here are the 3 main benefits of the connection:

  • Eliminate duplicate input of your event data: You save time and make fewer mistakes. 
  • The data that Yesplan receives allows the stakeholders in your organisation, who work with visitors numbers and turnover of ticketing sales, to do their jobs faster and more accurately. 
  • A flow of general data exchange between Yesplan and Tessitura allows everyone in your organisation to have access to the ticketing & event data.

“Yesplan has revolutionised our event planning at The Roundhouse. Its complete, flexible, and user-friendly design has made it an invaluable tool for our team, allowing us to support artists more effectively. With Yesplan, we’ve streamlined our processes and can focus on what truly matters: fostering creativity and growth in London's vibrant arts scene.”

- Joshua Chandler, The Roundhouse

Find out more

Ready to see how Yesplan and Tessitura work together? Check out our short recording to see the integration in action. Have a look and discover:

  • What the integration looks like.
  • What data Yesplan and Tessitura write back and forth to each other.
  • How easy it is to create and manage your events in Yesplan. 

First seeing, then believing?

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