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Question & answers when choosing Yesplan

When choosing event planning software, you want to make sure that you’re going for the right fit. Yesplan’s website covers a lot of ground for what our solution can do, but some particular questions may remain unanswered. With these questions and answers we hope to provide you with an answer for everything that’s still puzzling you about our software.

What kind of support service does Yesplan provide?

Yesplan provides an online support service. You can send your questions by mail to Answers can be expected during working hours and days. We are located in the CET/CEST timezone.

We also provide technical support 24/7 for emergency situations. So whatever happens, we got you and your events covered!

How much does Yesplan cost? And what does a Yesplan licence include?

We offer Yesplan on an enterprise licence model. This means you have one licence for your whole organisation. The price of a Yesplan licence depends on the size of your venue, which we measure using a combination of variables, for example the number of events and venue size

The licence fee includes support, software updates, hosting and backups on our servers. Because Yesplan is offered as an enterprise model, you can create as many users as you need with no extra costs

Do I have to download Yesplan and what are the system requirements?

Yesplan is cloud based software, so you don't have to download it, but you do have to be connected to the internet. You can use it anywhere, anytime, on a desktop or laptop using Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Safari on both Windows and Mac OS. 

The Yesplan App can also be used in your preferred browser on iOS and Android.

In which languages and regions is Yesplan available?

Yesplan system fields are available in English, French and DutchYou can create your own custom fields in the language you prefer. We have templates available in German, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish

Yesplan is currently being used by organisations all over Europe, The UK, North America and even all the way over in New-Zealand.

Not based in any of these regions? Contact us at - we would love to make it happen!

Where are Yesplan’s servers located?

All our servers are based in the EU. Servers are provided by Combell which has an ISO 27001 certificate, which ensures security of their services. 

Furthermore, our servers have a very reliable state of service. Upgrades are performed in a phased roll-out to all customers in order to limit the impact. Version upgrades or major maintenance requires a short downtime of the application, but we seek to minimise the hindrance for our users.

How many staff members does Yesplan have?

Yesplan’s 30 dedicated staff members are ready to support you. Our main office is based in Ghent, with other staff members located all over Europe and the US. 

In 2022 Yesplan was acquired by Activity Stream. In early 2024 the company acquired $ 13,5 million in funding, which secures the future growth and stability of Yesplan.

Is Yesplan GDPR compliant? 

When using Yesplan, you work with contact details of various organisations, suppliers and people. Contact information is considered private information that needs to be handled with care. 

Therefore Yesplan processes personal data in compliance with GDPR. A processor agreement is part of our licence agreement

For more detailed information on how Yesplan complies to GDPR, check out this article.

Is there a user manual? 

Yesplan has a meticulously detailed and documented user manual. Every aspect and facet of our event planning software is described in clear and neatly ordered chapters and parts. Can’t find something? Use the search function to solve your inquiries. In case of any further questions you can always contact our support team

Is there a training platform?

Our training platform helps you learn the ropes of our software. Whether you want to freshen up your knowledge or onboard new staff members, we’ve got you covered with our helpful training videos.

Is Yesplan only for cultural organisations? 

Yesplan was originally tailored for the cultural sector. However, over the years we have found that our event planning software can be used by any organisation that organises events, be it cultural, sports or commercial

Unsure if your organisation fits the bill? Contact us and we’ll see if we can make it work for you.

Can Yesplan integrate with other systems? 

Yesplan excels at integrating with other systems, thanks to its robust API (Application Programming Interface). The API allows different systems to communicate with each other. Because of this, our data is easily accessible and readable for third parties

Do you want to know more about this topic? Check out this article, which answers all your questions about integrations.

Do I get dedicated guidance in learning how to set-up and use Yesplan? 

We help you set-up our software for your specific needs and wants during the implementation of Yesplan. 

On average the implementation takes 1 to 2 months to complete. In this process we help you find the most efficient way of carrying out your event planning strategies. For more information on implementing Yesplan, read this article.

Where can I find references for venues using your software? 

Over 400 satisfied customers are currently planning events with Yesplan. See who else is using our software on our reference page. Want to know more about organisations using Yesplan? Check out their stories on our blog.

What’s the next step? 

Want to learn more about our software? Get in touch with us for a one-on-one demonstration of how our event planning tool elevates your events.

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