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Kulturhuset Ælvespeilet Part 2: Finding flexibility in Yesplan

Ready for part 2 of our testimonial with Kulturhuset Ælvespeilet? We also talked with Rune Sundby, Technical Engineer at this Norwegian cultural centre. He is also responsible for everything that has to do with IT, which is why he took charge of the implementation of Yesplan! Read more on how he went about this implementation. 

We also organised an expert talk with Rune during which he elaborated on his role at Kulturhuset Ælvespeilet.
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Searched and found: Flexibility and efficiency 

Rune Sundby: "We had a different type of software first, but we needed one that we could really adapt to our needs. We wanted to be able to add our own custom fields, make our own reports and have web integrations. With Yesplan, this all proved to be possible and that opened up a whole lot of possibilities for us. And Yesplan has great support, it’s so easy. We can also do things faster now and that was exactly what we were looking for: efficiency."

How Kulturhuset Ælvespeilet approached the implementation 

The first steps they took to integrate Yesplan into their organisation, were analysing their previous workflows, how they could improve them, what the possibilities were, what the wishes and needs of all their employees were and where they could cut corners compared with the old system. 

Rune: "Because of Covid-19 and the fact that we were closed for so long, we had the opportunity to analyse and discover all sorts of different things. We drew up maps and talked about the different needs of our employees. We made lists, double checked,... So it was important for us to create a really good foundation and to have a framework, so that we do things right the first time."

An overview of the different steps: 

    • Talk to the manager, Erik Friesl, because he is the initial step in the planning process. 
    • Talk to all the different departments: production, technicians, marketing, … 
    • Create an overview: where do the information and resources go and where do they come from.
    • Do a transfer of all the information and clean the database along the way. 
    • Get a better understanding of the different functionalities in Yesplan and how to use them. 
    • Start configuring standard reports and figure out which information should be on them.
    • Train the employees so they can improve their jobs by creating better workflows.  

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Big fans of the configurability and support 

When we asked Rune what he loves most about Yesplan, we got this answer: "Customization, customization and customization. The way we can customize everything is such an important part for us. As an administrator I can go into Yesplan, add or remove data fields and set permissions per user. Basically, you can make the program your own, and that’s really important. People can actually find their own way of working and adapt it to the way they want to have it, because people work in different ways!"

But there is more! Rune: "I also love your customer support and the fact that you understand what we, the people using your program, do. I also like the API-integration which makes it possible to integrate Yesplan with our other systems."

“What I love most about Yesplan?... People can actually find their own way of working and adapt it to the way they want to have it, because people work in different ways!”

- Rune Sundby

All information at a glance thanks to the mobile app 

Rune is a big fan of the mobile app, which is why we asked him to explain how he uses it for his job as a Sound Engineer. 

Rune: "When I get to work, I open the app and I immediately see everything I should know. I take a look at the technical specifications for that day: what band is coming, do they bring their own sound engineer or will I be doing the sound by myself. If it's a band, then I will check whether they're a 4-piece band or a 3-piece band, what instruments they have, if we are supposed to deliver instruments... So I find all the info I need there, in addition to my working hours. I can check when I have to be there and who I'm working with that day. Another reason why I love the app: I can create and remove tabs, so I can personalize information in the app, depending on what I need. Which is very convenient, because you can avoid an overflow of information this way." 

As you can read, Rune is a very happy Yesplan customer. Want to read part 1, the interview with his manager Erik? Find it here

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