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2 Days at the Norske Kulturhus Fagkonferanse

A conference that feels like a bunch of old friends reuniting… and new friends are welcomed with open arms: That’s the Norske Kulturhus biannual Fagkonferanse.

A lot has happened since the last time we were in Norway for the Fagkonferanse in May. We doubled our number of Norwegian customers and we got in contact with a lot of interesting cultural houses in the area. So this time we saw a lot of familiar faces and some new customers came to say hi at our infostand. 

Norwegian reunion

The Fagkonferanse is held two-yearly, each time in a different region of the beautiful country that is Norway. This September it was held at Bølgen Kulturhus, in the coastal town of Larvik in Eastern Norway. Bølgen Kulturhus is located in the inner harbor of the city and has a panoramic view over the Larvik fjord in the south. The venue contains concert halls, meeting rooms, a cinema and a restaurant. 

The conference is visited by 130 cultural centers from Norway and their suppliers. We were welcomed with open arms. Norwegians like to go local, but the cultural centres are very open to new things if they are a better fit with their organisation

We realised once again how important it is to be here in person, to talk to all the people in the sector, hear what they need and want from a planning system to run their organisation smoother. 

And if you can do that in such a stunning location, with the best food and drinks you can imagine, we don’t mind at all!

Learning from each other 

Maybe our favourite part of the conference? Olavshallen, one of our older customers gave a workshop where they showed newer Yesplan customers how they use all the possibilities in Yesplan. They showed what they do with all the different options and functionalities such as creating a quote or a production sheet in a few clicks. 

Sharing information and learning from each other is something we encourage on our own events like the user days and seminars, so it was great to see this was part of the programme of the conference as well. 

Bringing something new to Norway 

One of the things we learned during our time at the Fagkonferanse is that cultural houses in Norway are always looking for new ways to move forward. They want to improve their way of working and to make smart use of the available resources. 

For every cultural house it’s important to be able to evaluate your daily operations and to generate reports with the click of a button. Imagine always having the most up-to-date numbers in one report, whenever you need it… That’s something new Yesplan can bring to Norway! Whether you need financial reports or detailed information, tailored to a department or individual requirements, it’s all in the realm of possibilities.

We can’t wait to work with the Norwegian Kulturhuset on realising this. And we look forward to the next Norske Kulturhuset Fagkonferanse!