Looking back at Norwegian Cultural Center Fagkonferanse 2019

We have just returned from the conference of the Norwegian
cultural centers, a special edition where the 
25 years of Norske Kulturhus was also celebrated.  

From Brussels to Sevilla, from Paris to Sicily

Norway is a special country. The distance from the Arktsik Cultural Center in the North to Kilden Theater and Konserthus in the south is more than 2000 km.
And that is indeed the distance from Brussels to the south of Spain, or from Paris to the deepest south of Italy. 

Norske kulturhus has 130 members, cultural centers spread over a country of 2000 km long, with only 5 million inhabitants. Twice a year, these 130 cultural centers come together,
each time in another region. These two conferences are a unique opportunity for the cultural centers to meet, and even to visit regions for the first time.


The 2019 conference brought us to Lofoten in northern Norway. For us, but also for many participants of the conference, this was a first introduction to this wonderfully beautiful region. 

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the federation, director Nina Hodneland and the board organized
a traveling conference.

The conference travelled from the Stormen concert hall with its stunning architecture, in Bodø, via the Hurtigruten boat route to Lofoten Kulturhus in the idyllic Svolvaer.


The federation of Norwegian cultural centers maintains a very good relationship with the suppliers of the industry. A suppliers corner hosted software companies and suppliers of
light and sound material. 

Suppliers are considered by the Norwegian cultural centers as partners. We are very happy with the many very professional and yet friendly contacts and conversations.

A special match 

The landscape of the cultural centers in Norway is very similar to the landscape in Flanders and the Netherlands. The landscape is particularly varied, ranging from local leisure infrastructure (with cinema, polyvalent hall and swimming pool) to large regional concert halls with international programming. 

The cultural centers in Norway have an extensive range of bars, restaurants and events, and in many cases also collaborations with hotels.

Yesplan's offer fits in well with the planning needs of the centers, because with Yesplan they can manage both cultural programming and commercial events. 

Since Yesplan can also offer integrations and links with Scandinavian suppliers, we grow very strongly in Norway and we hope to be represented with even more Norwegian Yesplanners at the next conference in September 2019.