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Yesplan and The Nordics: a match made in heaven

Our greatly valued business developer, Erik Temmerman, talking about the astonishing enter of Yesplan in a new and full blooming market! 

An interview with Erik Temmerman

Yesplan has been active in the Nordic market for quite some time.
So tell me, how have you been experiencing the first 6 months?

Our first 6 months in the Nordic market have been progressing extremely well and
actually very quickly. A lot faster than we've ever hoped for or even expected.

Everything started with a very positive collaboration in Denmark with Musikhuset Aarhus
and continued to develop rapidly with lots of new contacts and customers in Norway.

Who is the ideal customer for Yesplan? 

The ideal customer for Yesplan is a good sized cultural venue with a number of locations and employees. 

This requires a complete overview, good planning management, an efficient communication flow and information distribution to manage and plan the activities as effectively as possible. And Yesplan turns out to be a product that offers an excellent solution to these kinds of organisation. 

Why is Yesplan an ideal product for cultural organisations
in the Nordic market? 

Yesplan is made for running and managing cultural centres with artistic, cultural and commercial activities. And that is something we find in most of the Nordic venues, a cultural profile and an artistic profile in combination with a commercial operation that generates funds to support the whole.
This is the reason why they react so positively to Yesplan. 

Which strategy do you apply on this market? 

With our presence at conferences and having organised a couple of events, we're able to present our planning software face-to-face. So far, this has worked extremely well.  To give an example, we recently organised a 'Yesplan On Tour' event in Drammen.

At the moment, we're the main sponsor and partner of the Federation of the Norwegian cultural centers and partner of the Danish art and cultural houses. 

Is there a cultural fit with the Nordic market? 

Yes, there seems to be a good fit with the cultural venues in the Nordic regions. This fit is partly because the houses in the Nordic regions match very closely with the cultural centers in Flandres and Holland

Yesplan initially started in Flandres and Holland, but for a couple of years, we've been operating all over the Nordics and continue to meet new partners. We're talking to organisations in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, The Faroe Islands and Iceland. So, it shows there's a very good match with what Yesplan provides. 

“Bringing peace in the planning of cultural organisations. This is where Yesplan is at its best.”

To finalise: can you summarize Yesplan in 3 words? 

For this, I'll take 3 words out of our strapline: 'planning with peace of mind'. By which peace of mind stands for bringing calm into the often quite chaotic planning process within the cultural sector. 

However, this sense of peace is only possible when you can constantly maintain overview of the different activities. In short: 'Bringing peace of mind in the planning of cultural organisations'. This is where Yesplan is at its best.'