Join us on August 6th & discover how you can organise your summer events effortlessly!

Event Planner

Plan your events flawlessly

Manage and plan rooms, people, material and services

You will find everything you need to plan your event flawlessly: dates, schedules, staff, material, costs, contacts, tasks...

  • Avoid double bookings.
  • Manage internal and external contacts' details in a structured way.
  • Add attachments to events.
  • Easily book and manage resources straight from your calendar. 
  • Keep track of employees, resources and updates with ease.

Collaborate with your team

Boost your team's efficiency by working better together 

All relevant information is easily accessible to everyone so you can keep your team members up to date.

  • All your users can work on the same event in Yesplan at the same time.
  • Set user permissions and decide who can perform tasks or see data. 
  • Full audit trail with complete change log.
  • Assign tasks to a colleague with ease.
  • Get personalised in-app notifications.

Keep an overview

A colour-coded calendar at the heart of your organisation

In the calendar view you get a great overview of all events and how they are related to each other. Watch the video below to get a short demonstration.

  • Colour codes denote an event's status and profile.
  • Conflicts between events are indicated clearly.
  • Events that belong together are grouped visually and presented in a tree view.
  • The copy, paste and repeat functions let you create thousands of events in a few clicks.
  • Find events easily with the search function.

Configure Yesplan yourself

Yesplan can be configured to match your workflows, no coding needed.

Adjust Yesplan to your organisation for optimal efficiency.

  • Create custom fields and buttons relevant to your organisation.
  • Determine their visibility. 
  • Set and manage everything yourself.

“I'm able to access Yesplan anywhere in real-time, enabling me to interact with my colleagues.” 

- James Mackenzie Blackman, Eden Court (UK).