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Contacts and Relations

Boost your team's efficiency

Organise your contacts' details in Yesplan and share them with all employees

By storing this information in the venue planning system, you make your employees' lives easier and minimise the risk of errors.

  • Add as many of your key contacts as you want, both persons and organisations. There is no limit. 
  • Add extra information and custom fields to enrich your data.
  • Segment your contacts using labels to have a clear overview.
  • Use filters to find the contacts you need at the flick of a switch or use the search bar.

 Watch the video below to gain more insight in this functionality.   

Let the system do the work for you

Photos and images allow staff, contractors and contacts to be identified with ease

Contacts can be imported and exported with our built-in tools and Yesplan identifies and marks possible duplicate entries.

  • Organisations and people can be linked to one another and to specific events.
  • Duplicates are detected automatically and can be merged if desired.
  • Import information from existing systems or spreadsheets so you are up and running in no time.

“The system is so intuitive it is hard to make a mistake. When a conflict occurs, you get a warning and the system advises you how to solve the issue. That really puts our minds at ease.”

- Marit, Olavshallen (Norway).