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Unlock the Potential of your Ticketing Integration: Expert Talk with Tixly

We teamed up with Tixly to show you the flow of building a ticketed event. Starting with the creation of your event, through the ticket sales on your website and on to the follow-up of the ticket sales data. Watch this recording at any time that suits you! 


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Ticketed events from beginning to end 

We hosted a webinar with Tixly. More than 10 million tickets are sold annually using Tixly in culture houses and theatres. 

Our experts will guide you through each step and share best practices to help you optimise your ticketed event flow. You'll learn how integrating your event management system with a ticketing platform like Tixly can make your life easier and save you time. 

About the expert talk 

Watching this recording, you will learn: 

  • How a ticketing integration will save you time; 
  • How to optimise the data flow around your events; 
  • How this ticketing integration exactly works; 
  • And of course we will answer all your questions along the way!

Your hosts

Patrick Morsman - Sales & Operations Manager UK at Tixly 

Patrick has many years of experience in ticketing and event planning and he used to work for Yesplan! He's now the Sales and Operations Manager for Tixly in the UK having joined the company around 6 months ago. 

Violet Tolpe - Head of Sales Operations at Yesplan 

Violet studied cinematography and also kicked-off her career in that industry. She started working for Yesplan about 5 years ago as a Customer Success Manager, helping customers with the implementation of our software. Now she is the Head of Sales Operations, guiding the Sales team and improving processes behind the scenes.