Poppodium Paard keeps an overview with Yesplan

Poppodium Paard from The Hague has been working with Yesplan for three years now. Gradually, they have been making the system their own. Every day, all employees use Yesplan in which they can share knowledge and maintain a global overview.

We asked René van der Zee, Head of Production, Technology & Building at Paard, how he saw Yesplan changing over the years.

How it all started

René: We were introduced to Yesplan a few years ago when we were looking to replace our previous system. We had heard from other venues what Yesplan had to offer and what the company stands for. So after a while, the name Yesplan sounded pretty familiar to me. That is why we decided to attend a few meetings and a demo day, which took place at the Schouwburg in The Hague.

“after a while, the name Yesplan sounded
pretty familiar to me”

That information session gave us a very comprehensive picture of what exactly the system can do and of how it could benefit us at Paard. At the time, along with my colleague, we were comparing three systems. After the info session, Yesplan immediately stood out as our favourite.

The deciding factor

In our search for a new system, we ultimately decided to go with Yesplan because we wanted to map out the financial aspects, such as our organisation's expenses. We also had specific questions about the integration with Afas (our finance system). Our contact at Yesplan, Jeroen, immediately started looking into the matter and was able to present us with specific solutions for Paard. 

With Chris's help, my colleague and I set up the system. Because we were so busy programming, configuring and writing 'rules', some of our employees thought that the system would be very complicated. However, nothing could be further from the truth. When they realised that Yesplan was actually very simple to use, their concerns faded immediately. That was kind of a funny misunderstanding at the beginning. 

Daily use 

René: I myself use the data views module a lot; we create a lot of reports with the system and we extract visitor figures and other data from Yesplan. When setting up the system, we immediately considered how we would process all the data and which boxes would need to be ticked in the software, so that the forms come out ready to use.

“When setting up the system, we immediately considered how we would process all the data.”

We have been using the system for just under three years, so I think we are still in an early stage. That is why adjustments are made little by little. Recently, we looked into how we could avoid duplicate information, for example by removing a ''sold out'' box that could actually be found in two places. We are also currently revising the script in order to create a better overview. From time to time, we organise user workshops in cooperation with Yesplan, like the one we recently held on creating quotations, which was attended by four employees. We want this knowledge to stay in-house and for several employees to be aware of it. 

Both employees and I are generally very happy with the system. I notice everyone working with it on a daily basis. If something is missing in Yesplan, we hear about it right away, so yes, it has become indispensable. Yesplan has become the logistical heart of our organisation.  

“Yesplan has become the logistical heart
of our organisation.”

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