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New Year’s Resolutions or just Better Ways of Working?

 Here are some tips we’d like to offer you for 2019 (and beyond).


Around this time of year, we’re often tempted to make resolutions, for example: “work less, earn more” or “eat more healthily”. On the other hand, we hear dissenting voices who suggest that if a problem is worth fixing you shouldn’t have to wait until the turn of the new calendar.

We tend to agree. It was a cold October morning in Edinburgh when one of our employees decided to quit smoking. Fifteen months later he’s still going strong! It’s about basing your decision on your desired outcome.

But we shouldn’t miss this great opportunity to set challenges for ourselves and our venues, should we? Of course, each venue is facing different challenges and opportunities so instead of making resolutions, how about we try to improve our ways of working?  

1. Get started

Many people complain about not being able to finish projects. Let's be honest, that often is the hardest part, but don't forget projects need to be started in the first place. So, in 2019 aim to start a few more projects, you never know it could be the one you finally finish and the one that really adds benefit to your venue.     

2. Explore opportunities

We like this one, it’s not too hard and actually a bit of fun. It slots in before “get started” but is just as important. Take time this year to browse, to research and to ask your colleagues both in your venue and surrounding venues: “what are you using to…” or “how do you manage…”

Every week we discover new ways of working, solutions and opportunities to grow our business, what’s stopping you? 

3. Attention to detail

It’s story time again. This one is for us, well one we should focus on. One of our employees was preparing some invoices for a client the other day. Quite an easy task, but he forgot to add two elements to the invoice and mistyped a figure on a third. Net result? Almost £1,000 of lost income!

He’s already started looking at how he can tighten things up to make sure that he realises every penny of potential or earned income. 

4. Finish it up

This one should be a copy and paste from 2018’s resolutions. We are sure pretty much all of you will want to finish more projects in 2019.

Of course, when finishing a project, it is always important to look back to those first steps and ask the question “did this achieve all that we set out to achieve?” If not, don’t be afraid to feed this back into a new exploration phase.

It will feel so much better when you actually get to finish the project and be confident that it has achieved all that you set out to do so

5. You've got this, go for it!

However you spend the new year we’re sure you'll want to achieve more.

Just try to achieve or add one extra thing onto your to-do list per day. It’s what we’ve been doing every day this year so far. We find it an amazing way to get that little bit extra done. If we’re being completely honest with you, this blog was a tag onto an otherwise busy day schedule.

Whatever the year brings you, might it be prosperous for you personally as well as your venue.