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Staff Planning

Manage and schedule your human resources

Give your employees the answer to the 4 Ws in a smart overview

Do you need a lighting engineer? Simply click on a resource placeholder to find internal or external staff who can take up that job!

  • Easily assign staff based on skills and availabilities.
  • Make templates of recurring shifts and save time.
  • See at a glance who is working at what time.
  • Find alternate staff at the touch of a button.

Make your employees' lives easier

No more paper rotas full of annotations and amendments 

Yesplan makes sure all information is stored in a central and secure location.

  • Staff members can consult their roster via our mobile app.
  • Send notifications when new rosters are published.
  • Calendar links allow your staff to subscribe to their schedules in the app of their choice.
  • Keep track of overtime and unavailabilities such as holidays, sick leave, changes of shift etc.
  • Yesplan automatically keeps count of the number of working hours, overtime, leave balances and booked time off. 
  • Track actual times worked and the difference between the scheduled hours and the actual times worked. 
  • The automatic labour regulation engine help you comply with resting time and time-off rules.

"I am a big fan of the team planning within the system. It shows you who is where and when." 

- Rijno Ernsten, Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie (The Netherlands).