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Yesplan hits 10

Yesplan hits 10

We started our journey in 2011 and we have never stopped improving our software and digitalising the cultural industry since! Yesplan celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and we don't want to let that go by unnoticed. 

Celebrate 10 years of Yesplan with us

We are celebrating our 10th anniversary! A young age in the real world, but an age of maturity in the digital world. To mark our anniversary, we will be sharing all types of content with you. From testimonials with our first customers, to a user guide and a series of webinars. We want to immerse you in our software, but we also want you to get to know our team better! 

What to expect: 
  • Interesting workshops, seminars & webinars 
  • A user guide that gives you insights into the ideal tools for venue professionals 
  • Inspiring blog posts 

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To kick off our anniversary, our CEO has a message for you! 

“ What started off as an idea among friends and colleagues, has grown into an international company
with more than 25 employees and 300 customers.
We have you, our customers, to thank for that.”

- Wouter Vermeylen, CEO Yesplan