The Recovery Position - how brands which adapt could recover fastest

Joining Yesplan's Andrew Thomas in this webinar is Rob Macpherson, Managing Director of Impakt. He will elaborate on how "brand" sets companies apart.

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What will you learn?

Rob Macpherson and Andrew will explore how branding can set companies apart and see them through tough times. He will give you some tips & tricks on how branding can help your company through a crisis period like we are experiencing now.

Here are the questions that will be addressed:

    • What makes a great brand? 
    • How does brand affect company behaviour? 
    • How can we learn from these examples?

Meet our expert speaker Rob Macpherson

Rob Macpherson spent over 15 years at Birmingham Hippodrome running brand, marketing, sales, PR and fundraising, with a 30-strong team helping it grow into one of the most successful unsubsidised and award-winning cultural institutions in the UK with a turnover of up to £30m. 

In 2018/19 nearly 600,000 enjoyed musicals, opera and ballet, contemporary dance, comedy and drama, and pantomime; with a further 250,000 engaging with free festivals and community programmes.

In April 2019 Rob set up Impakt, as a new consultancy in association with Substrakt, a digital agency based in Birmingham. Impakt advises arts organisations, other charities and HE institutions on strategic brand development, corporate communications and creative thinking.

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