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Manage your staff with Yesplan

Find out how to manage staff contracts and timetables with Yesplan and integrated tools.

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Learn how to manage your staff with Yesplan

Managing your organisation's planning is more important than ever. Considering tight budgets and a market that is in a constant state of change, the key is to get the right tools in place for you and your team.


A lot of organisations are looking for a flexible and transparent way to access the right information, which often gets lost in a tangle of Outlook calendars. 

Watching this recording you'll learn how to manage your employee scheduling in no time from now on. 

This recorded webinar is a follow-up to our "Introduction to Yesplan". We recommend you attend that one first before wathing this follow-up webinar. 

You will learn how to use our Teamplanner module to:

  • Easily allocate staff to events;
  • Provide insight into personnel costs;
  • Compare hours worked with the actual contract;
  • Monitor when hours pass into overtime.
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