Manage your regular and flexible staff

Do you struggle with your staff planning? Then this is just for you! In this webinar, we will elaborate on the difference between our own staff planning module and that of our partner Beeple, with whom we are integrated.

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How to manage both regular and flexible staff 

Beeple is integrated with Yesplan, and facilitates the communication and scheduling of large groups of flexible staff (such as volunteers, bartenders, ushers...). In addition, Yesplan has its own Teamplanner module, which is useful for scheduling permanent or regular staff. 

During this webinar we will take a look at the differences between the two systems and how they can be used together. In Yesplan you get a complete overview of all your scheduled staff, so on the day of the show, whether you're a production manager, technical manager or bar manager you can see the details on one screen.

More on Beeple 

Beeple is a market leader in online staff management. They provide an online tool to manage temporary and flexible employees in a few clicks. In Beeple, you can manage your employee database (of work and personal data), you can post jobs, invite the right employees and send job detail sheets automatically all in one solution.

 With a host of features and an international client base, Beeple is the most comprehensive staff management system on the market. The application easily integrates with a variety of other popular business software that you use every day to make your business run better, including Yesplan.

What to expect 

  • Solutions for scheduling both regular and flexible employees;
  • A clarification of the difference between our own teamplanner module and Beeple;
  • A demonstration of both products; 
  • A demonstration of how the integration works and where you can find the overview in Yesplan.

Meet your hosts 

Patrick Morsman & Violet Tolpe - Sales Managers at Yesplan 

Jens Verschueren - Project and Adoption Manager at Beeple
Jens helps Beeple customers on their road to full staff digitisation. With his background in HR, staffing and temp agencies, he is the ultimate spokesperson within Beeple to help you simplify your staffing processes. 

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