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Introduction to Yesplan: Summer Edition

Are you ready for summer?! We are giving our introduction to Yesplan a summer makeover. Discover how you can organise your outdoor summer events in Yesplan. From seamless staff and resource management to real-time event coordination, unlock the secrets of flawless summer event planning.

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Introduction to Yesplan: Summer edition

Are you gearing up for a summer filled with exciting activities at your venue? From captivating (outdoor) concerts to engaging workshops and bouncy castles, Yesplan is here to help you plan and execute these unforgettable experiences. Join this free introduction to Yesplan and dive into the world of flawless summer event planning. 

Find out how you can organise your summer activities effortlessly:

  • Experience the power of the Yesplan app, ensuring that your event-day staff has all the vital information at their fingertips.
  • Effortlessly book your staff members, equipment, stages, and even bouncy castles.
  • Get a comprehensive overview of all your event spaces, from outdoor performances to indoor workshops, ensuring seamless coordination.
  • Explore our scheduling features, which allow you to easily manage staff availability, communicate schedules, and make last-minute changes.

“Don't miss this opportunity to discover how our great features can revolutionise your summer event planning. Register now and get ready for an unforgettable and successful summer season."

- Violet Tolpe, Head of Sales Operations