How Yesplan brings your venue management data to life

Find out how you can easily configure and generate reports from standard templates.  See how you can generate simple queries to get the valuable information you need from Yesplan. 

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To really make a difference with your venue planning system you need more than just a sophisticated calendar for the whole organisation. You need to be able to see if your resources are really working for you and ways of making sure that you’re staying compliant with certifications and regulations. From your Finance and HR office to the event planners, the whole organisation needs to know that their performance is as good as the one on the stage. 

Join this free webinar to learn how you can gain insights from your data. 

This webinar is another chapter of our “Introduction to Yesplan" and we recommend that you attend that webinar first, if you haven’t already seen the system in action. 

During this webinar you’ll get to see how you can extend your use of Yesplan to achieve the following: 

  • Configuring standard reports so that users only see the information they need
  • Simple query building to get at important information quickly
  • Accessing the information that’s important to you and outputting to spreadsheets for analysis