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The magic of integrations: how three great digital systems work together

We hosted an in-depth showcase of a fully functional event planning ecosystem. Discover the necessity and usefulness of integrations and how synergy is created when Yesplan, Peppered and Tixly come together.

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Integrations and how they make your life easier

Integrations are a vital part of the beating heart that is Yesplan. They effortlessly link different parts of your system, making your event planning experience smoother than ever. These three solutions have been working together for years now and are seamlessly integrated, making their intertwined usage flexible and flawless.

As an event planning solution Yesplan provides the sturdy backbone of this golden triangle. Tixly is our unmissable partner when it comes to ticketing and Peppered is a CMS force to be reckoned with.

What you will learn:

  • The value and benefits of using integrations 
  • How Yesplan, Tixly and Peppered communicate with each other 
  • Various use cases of integrations: finance, narrowcasting, heating, ticketing, etc.

Meet your hosts

Violet Tolpe - Head of Sales Operations at Yesplan 
Violet started working for Yesplan about 5 years ago as a Customer Success Manager. Now she is the Head of Sales Operations, guiding the Sales Team and improving processes behind the scenes.

Patrick Morsman - Sales & Operations Manager UK at Tixly 
Patrick has many years of experience in ticketing and event planning and he used to work for Yesplan! He's now the Sales and Operations Manager for Tixly in the UK.

Liesanne Rooks - Peppered Expert 
Liesanne is a dedicated and customer-centric Onboarding Specialist at Peppered with a passion for ensuring exceptional experiences for clients.
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