CRM in a crisis - Getting ready for the future

Joining Yesplan's Andrew Thomas in this webinar is Helen Dunnett, Director of HD Consulting. She will elaborate on how a well-thought-out CRM strategy can help you in tough times.

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What will you learn?

Andrew and Helen will explore how a CRM strategy for the whole organisation can build resilience for the tough times but also encourage customer excellence to reap greater rewards.

Here are the questions that will be addressed:

    • Do I need a CRM strategy in the first place?
    • What tools do I need to create and implement my strategy?
    • What does success look like?

Meet our expert speaker Helen Dunnett

Helen Dunnett is the Director of HD Consulting and works with arts and cultural clients to help them develop Customer Relationship Management strategies, improve and streamline their business processes and procure CRM/Ticketing system software. 

As an experienced consultant, Helen has a proven track record in marketing and audience development, project management, leadership, organisational/business process development and communications having worked in a range of arts organisations for over 15 years

Helen is also the Chief CRM Contributor at The Ticketing Institute.

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