Client webinar: basic dataviews

In this webinar on dataviews we show you how dataviews in Yesplan work so you have a basic understanding. You will learn how to build and modify them and make an export of the results.

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Basic webinar dataviews

One of Yesplan's many useful features is dataviews. With this function you can make your own reports based on all data in your installation. You can for example create a list of all events in a certain period with their name, date, owner etc. 

In this webinar Violet will show you how to get going. She will teach you how to build dataviews and how to work with the several filters and parameters. By adjusting these you will get the results you want. These topics (and some others) are on the agenda.

  • How to create and modify dataviews
  • How to share with your colleagues
  • How to make an export of the results

"I will give you some guidelines so you get the gist of dataviews and are ready to start building and interpreting them" - Violet Tolpe

Are you ready to go to the next level. Then register now for our advanced webinar on dataviews on 5 May (1pm BST/2pm CEST)!