Client webinar: advanced dataviews

In this advanced webinar we elaborate on all the possibilities that dataviews have to offer. We teach you how to get the most out of these function as a Yesplan user.

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Advanced webinar dataviews

After the basic webinars it is time to go a step further and dive deeper into dataviews. In this webinar Wim will teach what you can do with dataviews besides the basic functions. We want you, as a Yesplan user, to be fully aware of all possibilities this useful feature has to offer. 

There will be time during the live webinar to ask questions. Wim will show you how to retrieve and display the wealth of information in Yesplan. These topics (and some others) are on the agenda. 

  • Anything on events: from predefined date range to how to filter on the owner of an event
  • How to combine separate events and event groups
  • Resource bookings: how to get an overview of the personnel you need

"I show you how to get going with dataviews to get the results you want in order to strive for maximum efficiency" - Wim Casier

Do you feel like you could use an update on the basic knowledge on dataviews? Then register now for our basic webinar on dataviews on 28 April (1pm BST/2pm CEST)