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Yesplan makes the next move on the UK market with Lee McCarrick & Paul Twynham

Yesplan is rapidly expanding on the UK market. Since our entry into the market in 2016 with Insole Court and Gulbenkian, we have been actively researching and listening to the needs of venues in the UK. With a strong sense of the market and a clear understanding of the challenges faced by venues, we are bringing two new industry experts to share their expertise.

Welcome to Paul Twynham and Lee McCarrick as our new UK Sales Managers! With their combined experience of 32 years within Arts & Culture, they’re looking forward to enhancing the lives of those working in venues and showing them the benefits of Yesplan and other Activity Stream products.

32 years of combined experience in Arts & Culture in the UK Market

Paul Twynham, brings hands-on experience in everything venue-management to Yesplan. 

“Having been raised on a diet of music and sound, I started my first “real” role as a keyboard player in a local play which led to forming a band. Back then, I was lucky enough to make my passion part of my career. Working with bands, and music and club promoters in my spare time, and DJing to thousands each week, I eventually gained full time employment at Wolverhampton Civic Halls within various roles as Commercial Manager, Technical, and Outdoor Events Manager

The career move I am most proud of? This would have to be managing one of the busiest venues on the UK touring circuit, the O2 Academy Newcastle venue for Academy Music group. I enjoyed the pressure of over 300 events a year, at various capacities along with many types of club nights (although I’m not sure I could survive a 4 AM finish these days)! 

Then I started to work for an events and venue management software company as a consultant and eventually business development. My last role was working for Somerset House as Business Systems Analyst.” - Paul Twynham

Lee McCarrick, joins Yesplan with extensive sales experience across key Arts & Culture sectors. 

“I joined Yesplan from a Project Management and Sales role within the live event industry. My most significant career achievement was working as a performer. I guess a feather in my cap would be the fact I have worked at both the Oscars and the Golden Globes, that was so much fun! 

A pleasant surprise was to see that The Theatre Royal Norwich is a Yesplan client. Having grown up in Norwich, It was the very first theatre I ever attended to watch a live performance. Also seeing the Riverside Studios in that list is great, as I have performed there myself.” - Lee McCarrick

Why work at Yesplan? 

“Firstly I'd like to thank everyone at the company for such a warm welcome, it's genuinely one of the best I've ever had! I have reached the stage in my career where I wish to settle with a company and grow with it. The tech sector is only going in one direction and I believe the Yesplan product is positioned perfectly to evolve. I have also heard some very good things about the company, its culture and its future plans so who wouldn’t want to jump on?” - Lee McCarrick

“It’s clear that Yesplan is innovating the event and venue management software market. Their solution is not only user friendly, but is designed by people that have felt the pain of running a venue. Their continued customer care and development of the software can only lead to a bigger and better outcome.” - Paul Twynham

“I believe the Yesplan product is positioned perfectly to evolve. I have also heard some very good things about the company, its culture and its future plans so who wouldn’t want to jump on?”

From teaching to flying drones 

I enjoy following new music, and have done so throughout my life. Other pastimes involve photography and video creation/editing. I recently purchased a drone to enhance this, but the weather in the UK isn’t particularly drone friendly at the moment!” - Paul Twynham 

“I have a keen interest in live events and theatre. My wife has her own small theatre school where I teach in my spare time. It’s great to support the next generation of young performers. I believe in a fit and healthy lifestyle, so I enjoy staying active at my local gym as well as walking our family dog in the welsh countryside. Finally I must confess that I have a love for my football team - Liverpool. Watching them brings me both joy and pain!” - Lee McCarrick 

Join us in welcoming Paul & Lee to our team

Don't be shy! Connect with Lee and Paul on LinkedIn to find out more about their passion for the Arts & Culture industry and where they see themselves taking Yesplan in the future.

Stay tuned for more updates on our expansion on the UK market, and in the meantime, here is a curious read on our first UK clients.