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The StaffSavvy integration

A venue is nothing without the people who work there. So we thought, why not team up with a leading workplace management platform? Discover the benefits of integrating Yesplan with StaffSavvy!

What is StaffSavvy? 

StaffSavvy empowers full management of everyone within your organisation; full-time, casual, freelance, and volunteers. Covering everything from HR to shifts, training to time sheets, StaffSavy offers a uniquely powerful and streamlined system.

The benefits of using StaffSavvy 

As a workforce management tool, StaffSavvy, is designed to make your life easier. Managing people can be a daunting and time consuming task, so streamlining this process in your company should be a high priority. 

StaffSavvy focuses on versatility, self service and automation, to provide an easy-to-use and highly flexible tool for businesses ranging from small teams of 50 to corporations with thousands of employees.

Some key features 

  • Automated onboarding & contract offer processes 
  • Set your schedules up in minutes, regardless of company-size 
  • Enable your workforce to update their own availability and swap shifts 
  • Automate lateness, holiday, and TOIL tracking 
  • Automated timesheet process removes human error and saves hours of admin
  • Staff communication tools with read acknowledgement 

Synchronise your events and enjoy more staff visibility 

Pick and choose which Yesplan events to synchronise with StaffSavvy. Adjust the event time to start before and end after scheduled times for staffing purposes. 

Managers can see all the vital information from Yesplan in the schedule creation and shift management pages of StaffSavvy. This will include details such as cost codes, custom fields and resource bookings.  

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