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What is event and venue planning software?

In this blog we will explain what event and venue planning software is, how it can help you (and your organisation) and who should use it.

Good planning software should help you become more efficient, by keeping all of your vital content in one place. Making it cloud-based means the whole team can work from anywhere and everyone always has the latest version. This supports easy collaboration and communication. It allows you for instance to immediately see where you have availability. Streamlining these processes means you will not only save money, it can even help you make more.     

But how can it do that for you?   

Event and planning software gives you a visualisation of all your organisational activities. It is multi-dimensional in that it can give you not only an overview of the calendar, but also of resources and costs. The planner adapts to the different types of events and the different statuses they have. So you can see at a glance if your event is either a pencil performance, or maybe a confirmed hire or film. The software alerts you to overlapping bookings, resource conflicts and making mistakes in general. And if you want all of your business processes connected, it can even include your staff planning

Who in the organisation should be using it and what for?

Since there are so many uses for planning software, it can be of assistance to everyone in the company. We’ll provide you with a few examples below:

  • The CEO - to see what is happening and when. 
  • The Head of Operations - to see how resources are being utilized
  • The Finance Team - to see what needs to be billed. 
  • The Technical team - to see when and where they need to be and what they need to set up. 
  •  The Cleaners - to see when they’re on duty and what events will need cleaning. 
  • The Front of House Manager - to see when there are public events that require staffing. 
  • The Marketing Team - to have all their copy in one place, to output brochures, to link it to the website and signage.

As you can see, great event and venue planning software is beneficial for everyone in the company. Especially if they can tailor it to their specific requirements. 

We promise, once you get used to a great planning system… You won’t be able to remember how you did your job without it! 

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