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Easily publish events to your ticketing system

An integration between Yesplan and your ticketing system simplifies the creation of events in your ticketing system. You can publish your events one by one as you go, but what if you want to publish many events in one run?

Manage the publication via a dataview

You can tackle publishing your events thanks to dataviews. Simply create a dataview with a list of all events that you want to publish. From that dataview you can open and publish events and they automatically disappear from your list after publishing. Here’s how it works.

1. Create a dataview 

  •  In Yesplan go to “Reports” > “Dataviews” 
  • Click on the buttons “New” > “Events” 

2. Add the desired columns 

 In the dataview click on “Edit columns” then add the following columns: 

  • Date
  • Name 
  • Displayed Start Time
  • Location 
  • Status 
  • Profile 
  • Publication status. This varies per installation, but typically you'll find the button under 
    • Integrations > Ticketing > Publish 
    • Integrations > Publish > Publish 
    • Integrations > Send to ticket sales > Publish 

Of course, you can add other columns to the dataview (e.g. agency, ticket prices, etc.). 

3. Add the desired filters 

Click on “Edit filter” then add the desired filters, such as: 

  •  a particular period 
  •  at a particular location 
  •  with the status “Confirmed” 
  •  and the profile “Performance” 

 If you filter by the value “OFF” in the “publish” field, then you'll only see the events that have not yet been published.

4. Publish! 

In the dataview you can now 

  • open an event by double clicking it 
  • go to the correct tab and publish the event
  • after which the event disappears from your dataview 

 Tip: Would you like a summary of all published events? In the “publish” field, filter by the value “ACTIVE”.