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The Beeple Integration

The Beeple Integration

While Yesplan is an expert in venue management software, Beeple is an expert in online staff management for big groups of staff. So it seemed only natural for us to join forces and make the lives of our customers even easier.

What is Beeple? 

Beeple is the market leader when it comes to online personnel management of large groups of flexible staff and volunteers. They offer an online tool to manage flex, on-call and volunteer staff in a few clicks. In Beeple, you can: 

  • Manage your database, work and personal data;
  • Post open shifts;
  • Invite the right employees;
  • Have an overview of the availabilities of your crew; 
  • Use automatic communication of updates, work schedules, etc;
  • Facilitate management and payments in one tool.

The added value of Beeple 

The Beeple integration in Yesplan aims in particular at simplifying the planning of casual staff and volunteers. This way, we make the personnel planning of our customers even easier! Have a look at some impressive figures on how the Beeple integration could benefit you: 

  • 45% more efficient 
  • 72% fewer human error
  • 84% better communication 
  • 40% lower planning costs
  • 70% faster than Excel
  • 100% paperless

“Now that the integration with Beeple is in place, all processes run even more efficiently. The link between Yesplan and Beeple is the ideal solution for our multifaceted museum operation.”

- Phellice Timmermans, Museum Leuven

Find out more

Would you like to find out more? You can download the document below that goes into more detail about our collaboration with Beeple. 

  • Why Yesplan chose to collaborate with Beeple 
  • The major advantages of Beeple
  • What our customers say about Beeple

Have a look at the recorded webinar on the Beeple integration!

Want to know how to use the Beeple integration in Yesplan? Then you should definitely have a look at the recording of our webinar with Beeple.

Beeple and our very own Sales Manager Patrick Morsman will guide you through this webinar looking at the top features of this cloud-based tool to help you digitise your venue staff management and scheduling.

Through this recorded webinar, you will discover how you can: 

  • Easily update your staff database;
  • Send mass-communication such as available shifts, last-minute changes, etc.;
  • Create staff schedules fast and easy.

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