Creativity is central to event planning

Yesplan reduces the administrative burden

Software op maat van jouw organisatie


Every event and every event organisation is different. Personalise Yesplan in accordance with the needs and desires of your organisation, enter the details which are important for your organisation and specify who can see and modify what.

The passion and ambition of our development team, software architects with a background in academic research, guarantee the right technological choices. You will experience Yesplan as an intuitive, rich and self-explanatory product that easily fits in with your organisation’s specific way of working.

Perfect georganiseerde evenementen


Gain insight into the availability of rooms, staff and materials and avoid double bookings. As a result your planning bears closer relation to reality and you have a better overview of the costs and revenues in advance. Your event is within budget.

Because the software has been developed from within the sector, Yesplan is aware of the challenges involved in the organisation of events. As a result you and your team have no problems dealing with a complex schedule, diverse and extensive reporting and last-minute alterations.

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Different users can all work on one event at the same time without creating any problems and always with the most recent version. In addition, you can link Yesplan to your website, ticketing and other software. From now on information is only entered once which means you save time and reduce the chance of making mistakes.

As the largest SaaS firm in the event planning sector in Benelux, Yesplan has been praised for the way it stimulates collaboration, both within the organisation and with other applications. Our staff have gained valuable experience in the supervision of over 150 organisations and are drawing upon this to support your activities.

Yesplan Yesplan Yesplan
  • Plan and manage events, staff and resources.
  • A clear overview of availability of staff and resources.
  • Planned and worked hours are kept up to date.
  • Contact people, organisations and suppliers can be linked together and linked to events.
  • Gain insight into costs and revenues.
  • An unlimited number of users can work on one event at the same time.
  • Notifications keep you up to date with specific modifications.
  • Add tasks, never miss another deadline and limit unnecessary communication.
  • All modifications are kept up to date.
  • Extensive search function: find free time in the agenda, search for planned events, contacts etc.
  • Combine the information from Yesplan in all manner of reports such as Excel lists, rental agreements, production files, daily, weekly, monthly and annual overviews etc.
  • Modify Yesplan in accordance with your organisation: determine which information you would like to be able to add to events, contacts or data.
  • Specify who can see, modify or add which information.
  • No installation required and can be consulted from any computer.
  • Yesplan is not obstructive, but assists and provides alerts where necessary.
  • Support and documentation are always close at hand.
  • Integrate Yesplan with your other software by means of an extensive web API.

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