Ticketed events from beginning to end

Together with Tix, we will present an entire ticketed event flow! Starting with the creation of your event, through the ticket sales on your website and on to the follow-up of the ticket sales data. In short, we will show you how ticketing integration works. 

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The lifecycle of your ticketed event explained with Tix

We are teaming up with Tix to organise a webinar during which we will explain the entire ticketed event flow. Starting from the creation of your event, through the ticket sales on your website and on to the follow-up of your ticket sales data!

And there is more! Tix and Yesplan are integrated! We will show you an integration and guide you through all the steps, giving you a detailed picture of what this looks like. 

Note: We are presenting this webinar with systems that may contain multiple languages, but regardless it will still be clear to everyone how the systems and the integration works.

What can you expect?

The topics we will cover during this webinar are: 

  • From creating events to publishing your tickets on your website;
  • The advantages of a ticketing integration;
  • A clarification of what you should manage in your planning system and what you should manage in your ticketing system;
  • A demonstration containing Norwegian language of a ticketing integration;
  • And of course we will answer all your questions along the way! 

Meet your hosts! 

Truls Liang - Support Manager at Tix Ticketing in Norway 
Truls Liang is support manager at Tix Ticketing in Norway. He is based in Drammen and has gained years of experience at several other ticketing companies. He also worked as a producer at Kongsberg Jazz Festival.

Violet Tolpe - Sales Manager at Yesplan
Violet studied cinematography and also kicked-off her career in that industry. She started working for Yesplan about 4 years ago as a Customer Success Manager, helping customers with the implementation of our software. Now she is a sales manager focused on Scandinavia.