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Introduction to Yesplan

Let us tell you a story, about stressed Venue Planners and some smart Computer Engineers, who together created one solution: Yesplan. Get to know the software and see how it can benefit your organisation.

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Part 1: Introduction webinar

During this personal and interactive webinar, Violet will introduce you to our intuitive planning software and she will answer all your questions along the way. See for yourself how it can give you peace of mind while planning your events. 

Being designed for, and supplied exclusively to the cultural sector, Yesplan is currently used by over 300 organisations like yours

Experience first-hand how digital can help the arts:

  • Simple scheduling and production of both cultural & rental activities.
  • Budgeting performances, making rental agreements. 
  • Efficient scheduling of resources. 
  • Integration with ticketing systems, websites and accounting systems. 
  • Running reports with the click of a button.

“I'll be showing you some of the great features that are making life easier for venues just like yours.” 
- Violet Tolpe 

Part 2: Learn how to manage your staff with Yesplan

Following on from the basic introduction, we will dive into how you can manage your employee scheduling in no time on. 

You will learn how to use Yesplan to: 

  • Easily allocate staff to events;
  • Provide insight into personnel costs;
  • Compare hours worked with the actual contract;
  • Monitor when hours pass into overtime.