Introduction to staff scheduling with Beeple

Are you managing and scheduling a big group of staff members with flexible hours in your venue? Then you must be dealing with complex working hours schedules, manual tasks and a lot of communication issues. 

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Introduction to employee scheduling

Jens Verschueren, project and adoption manager at Beeple, will guide you through an introduction webinar looking at the top features of this cloud-based tool to help you digitise your venue staff management and scheduling. 

Speed up and simplify your staff planning In this webinar!

Jens will demonstrate how to use Beeple for your complex staff management. He will focus on the following areas:     

  • easily updating your staff database
  • sending mass-communication such as available shifts, last-minute changes, etc. 
  • publishing job offers 
  • letting staff communicate their availability 
  • making staff schedules fast & easy 
  • simple clocking in and out 
  • ...

Who are they?


Beeple is a market leader in online staff management. We provide an online tool to manage temporary and flexible employees in a few clicks. In Beeple, you can manage your database, work and personal data, you can post jobs, invite the right employees, send job detail sheets automatically and have online coaching, facility management and payments all in one solution. 

With a host of features and an international client base Beeple is the most complete circle of staff management on the market. The application easily integrates with a variety of other popular business software that you use every day to make your business run better, including Yesplan.

Jens Verschueren - Project and Adoption Manager at Beeple 

Jens helps Beeple customers on their road to full staff digitisation. With his background in HR, staffing and temp agencies, he is the ultimate spokesperson within Beeple to help you simplify your staffing processes. 

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