Riverside Studios: Bringing the whole organisation together with Yesplan

Riverside Studios is a busy venue in London, UK that mixes public facing events like theatre and cinema with a back-to-back schedule of TV studio bookings. They installed Yesplan last year after a major rebuild and a new management team were brought on board.

Heading up operations at the venue is Jake Taylor and our Sales Manager, Patrick Morsman
caught up with him to reflect on how the implementation of Yesplan had gone.

Why did you select Yesplan in the first place?

Jake: I was largely responsible for setting Yesplan up at Gulbenkian in Canterbury. My experience of it there was very positive and when I came onboard at Riverside Studios I knew it was what the organisation needed to make it more efficient.

How did you approach the implementation this time around?

Jake: We went through a process of identifying what each team member needed the system to do, then configured the system to reflect each of those requirements, whether that was a tick box to show something had been completed or a drop down list of predefined values.

How did you find the support from Yesplan? 

Jake: Our Customer Success Manager was great. They made sure that the project was progressing on target and that we had access to all the right training materials. I needed a bit of help with permissions at one point and asked Support. It was explained perfectly and I was able to set up all the users just as I wanted them.

“I knew Yesplan was what the organisation needed to make work more efficient.” - Jake Taylor

Have you used any integrations? 

Jake: We’re using the API to push information to our digital displays of upcoming films for the cinemas. I just sent the link to the documentation to our IT Manager and he did the rest. It works really well.

What are you looking to do next with Yesplan?

Jake: I’ve not got into using resources properly yet, so that’s next on my list. I’m looking forward to the mobile app and getting my head around the Excel Add-in as well.

How is Yesplan working for the organisation as a whole?

Jake: People have really embraced Yesplan. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I come into the office and I can see everyone logged in and working in different areas of the system. It’s one system that we all trust. Quite simply - it works!

“It’s one system we all trust.” - Jake Taylor

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