A look into the life of a Yesplan Customer Success Manager

A lot of theatre and concert venues use a tool like Excel for their planning. But there is also Yesplan! Our Customer Success Managers teach new users how to manage their venue more easily using our software. Let’s have a look at this process and what else is part of the job for Customer Success Managers Wim and Violet.

We thought we'd give you a better understanding of the life of an Customer Success Manager at Yesplan. We will show you the standard process an organisation goes through when beginning to use Yesplan. This way, you can get a good understanding of how we work with venues to help them get the most from Yesplan. 

Step 1. Get to know each other

“During the first meeting it’s about getting to know who we are working with”, Wim says. “What kind of organisation is it and what do they want to achieve in the future? Organisations don’t choose a new planning system just because they can. They want to solve issues. Maybe they want to improve their way of working, or they had a system that missed some features. It’s our job to understand what they would like to achieve and get a grasp on what their ideal world looks like. Together we try to reach those goals.”

Step 2. Implementation

Violet: “Then we show the users how to navigate in the software: what steps do you need to take to get the result you want. This part is quite standard. Moreover, Yesplan is very intuitive. For some meetings we meet up at the organisation itself, but other times we do it online.” Wim noticed these in-house trainings result in odd situations sometimes: “One time I asked for a coffee and they accidentally put salt in it instead of sugar. In the middle of my story I unsuspectingly took a sip. At the moment, I didn’t say anything, but later we all had a laugh about it.”

The implementation is partially automated, yet different at each occasion. Every organisation has a specific workflow and certain steps may well differ or be in a different order. It is important for the Customer Success Managers to get a good understanding of an organisation's workflows during the first meetings. This is the foundation to help users to configure Yesplan in that way that the system supports the existing workflows. Yesplan is not tailor-made in the sense that we do not write new code for each organisation. The system is designed to be configured to users' needs. This way, individuals and entire organisation do not need to adapt their way of working to our software.

“During the implementation process we show users how to navigate in Yesplan. We show them the possibilities and how they achieve the result they are aiming for.”
– Wim Casier

Step 3. Follow-up

After the implementation the entire Yesplan team becomes responsible for an organisation. But that does not mean the Customer success Managers’ process with a customer ends. “Support is the first point of contact. But if a user in my personal portfolio has a problem, I'm always available to be at their service. Same for Violet”, Wim tells. But they both do not wait until a user contacts them. They also work proactively. “We monitor the installation’s activity and because of our experience with the software we recognize issues quickly. If we think an organisation is facing some issue, we contact them ourselves”, Violet says.

A customer success Manager’s job content is broader than this, however. Because they are in touch with our users so often, they know exactly what is going on. This way, they also contribute to Yesplan’s development. They do not only share this knowledge with the product & development team, but also with each other. And them sharing their knowledge benefits every user. “If a certain organisation is facing an issue, we can indicate how other users deal with a similar situation, thus improving workflows”, Violet concludes.