Yesplan presents: our UK team!

Yesplan took a big leap by crossing the channel. We'd like to introduce to you in this interview series the three people who are making a great success of Yesplan in the UK. 

Hi guys, tell me something about who you are?

Darren: Hi, I’m Darren Poynter and I’m based in Norwich, UK. I used to work for my local theatre, Norwich Theatre Royal, for 17 years. I did all sorts of jobs there, from box office to stage crew to front of house. A bit of everything really, I worked in every department. I then moved to a ticketing company for 8 years called Audienceview, based out of Toronto. And about 18 months ago I started working for Yesplan as a Customer Success Manager, where I use my experience of understanding industry terminology and processes to help our existing and new clients get the best out of Yesplan.

Andrew: My name is Andrew Thomas, I’m responsible for the business development for Yesplan UK and I’m based out of Cardiff in South Wales. I’ve been working for Yesplan for 2,5 years now. Before that, or actually, in addition to that, I also work as a consultant with arts and entertainment businesses around the world. I’m helping them to make the best use of technology. 

Patrick: I’m Patrick Morsman, Sales Manager at Yesplan UK (and Ireland) and I'm based in Wells, in Somerset, England's smallest city. I joined Yesplan around the same time as Darren, about 18 months ago. Before that, I worked for a number of ticketing system companies but I've had a fascination for a long time with how technology can help the arts.

“It's my role to ensure we match the organisation needs, so they can use the system to the best of its ability.” - Darren Pointer

What does your daily job entail exactly? What do you do for Yesplan UK?

Patrick: I work closely with the sales & marketing team to find organisations that are interested in our system to deal with their challenges around event and venue planning. I provide webinars and demonstrations of the software, both online and in person. This way our potential customers could see how they might use our system and how it can help them run their businesses more efficiently. 

Darren: As the Customer Success Manager I provide training for our new and existing customers on how to use the system and gather all the information for any custom reports that they might need. Understanding that when planning events there are so many things to think about and record, it’s my role to ensure we match the organisation needs so they can use the system to the best of its ability. 

Andrew: Like I said, I work part-time for Yesplan, and my role mainly involves helping to spread information about Yesplan in new markets. Additionally, I seek out like-minded cultural tech companies who we could partner with to help provide great solutions for our clients, both existing and future ones. 

What do you like most about working for Yesplan? 

Andrew: First and foremost the flexible nature of our working environment. That, coupled with a superb collection of like-minded staff in every department, from chief executive through to administration and product delivery, makes it very rewarding to work here. 

Patrick: I agree with Andrew that the flexible approach to the working environment is very good and refreshing. I divide my time between working from home and going to actual venues, and that works really well. Also, I think the fact that the company grew straight out of an arts centre, is pretty central to what makes it special. It’s both from the arts and for the arts. 

Darren: I really appreciate the communication and openness within our company. We have regular team days and it really feels like we are headed in the same direction, there’s a real team spirit. And of course the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Ghent every month.

“It’s both from the arts and for the arts. That makes it special.” - Patrick Morsman

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