UK Theatre Box Office Conference

As ever this year’s UK Theatre Box Office conference was a sell-out.

“Box Office conference is a lively and popular learning and networking event for ticketing staff, as well as more and more marketing team members too.”

Whatever the events you or your venue organise there is nothing better than having to turn people away, is there?  Ok, Ok, so perhaps a bigger venue could help,
or even repeating it around the UK or even charging a higher price. 

Full disclosure, I am one of a few industry types who help curate the content with UK theatre, so there may be a hint of bias in this next comment, but 
the speakers delivered a knockout set of sessions.  I would like to pay attention to two of them...

Pauline Fallowell, Bridge Theatre - London 

Pauline delivered an amazing view point on customer service. Being under two years old, the theatre had to create EVERY process from scratch, they had to build an audience and build a trusted brand. 

One of the key cornerstones of this was putting customer service to the very top of the agenda. Her clear explanation of staff empowerment along with some insights into how she trains and develops her staff was music to my ears. 

If you get a chance, make sure you find time to seek Pauline out at UK or European events, she is always willing to share.

Leo Sharrock, The Audience Agency

I have heard a lot of people speak a lot of times, truth be told you can really get ‘bored’ of some speakers (says the man who speaks a lot too!) 

Yet again Leo gave a fantastic presentation surrounding the work the Audience Agency has done constructing a centralised reporting tool, allowing venues to access vital data when thinking about how to price shows to THEIR audiences, based on data from other venues.

As well as giving some valuable updates, Leo also made a point of reminding those venues who contribute to this superb resource, that they need to ensure their data, specifically how they classify shows are up to date. 

It may be 2019 folks - but GIGO (Garbage in Garbage out) is still something we need to keep our eyes on.   

Box Office 2020 will likely be in May next year, watch out for announcements by signing up here